About Us

Shalom, and welcome to the Ottawa Messianic Fellowship.

Q. Who are we?

A. We are Jews and Gentiles (non-Jews) who gather together to worship the God of Israel and Messiah Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew). The Fellowship was founded in 1991.

At OMF, we believe that our purpose is two-fold. First, we seek to share the good news of Messiah with other Jewish people; Second, we want to serve our fellow believers in various ways and help them discover and celebrate the Hebrew roots of their faith.

The Ottawa Messianic Fellowship is governed by the following by-laws. By-law number 1 pertains to internal structures and by-law number 2 addresses our spiritual beliefs. They are currently undergoing a rewriting process in order to simplify them.


Q. What do we believe?

A. We will attempt to summarize our beliefs. For more information, please see Our Statement of Faith.

We believe that there is only one God, as proclaimed in the Shema: "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, The Lord is one", (Deuteronomy 6:4)

We believe that Yeshua is the Messiah promised by God through the Jewish prophets. He came to earth and was born in Israel from among the Jews, lived a sinless life, and gave his own life as a sacrificial offering. He was resurrected, and now sits at the Right Hand of the Father making intercession for those who believe in Him. He will return to earth to destroy evil and establish His Kingdom.

We believe that Ruach Ha-Kodesh (the Holy Spirit) dwells with each believer, empowers him or her to please God, and gives him or her victory over the Yetzer Ha-Rah (the sinful inclination).

Everyone has sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:22-24), as did Israel (Jeremiah 3:25, Daniel 9:11, Psalm 78:32). The Messiah, Yeshua, is the only one who delivers both Jew and Gentile from sin. Salvation and righteousness before God are based only on personal acceptance of Yeshua's atonement (Romans 1:16 & 3:22-24).

Observance of the Mosaic Law is not a requirement for salvation. However, when observed in accordance with the example of Yeshua in the Brit Hadasha (New Covenant), it is entirely consistent with a Jewish lifestyle, and is pleasing to God.

Jews who place their faith in Yeshua as Israel's Messiah have not disowned or separated themselves from their race or their heritage, but remain sons and daughters of Israel.


Q. May anyone attend our services?

A. Yes! We welcome anyone who is interested to come and worship with us. Whether you are a Sunday school class studying the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, a Jew who is wondering about Messiah, or even if you're just plain curious, you are welcome to join us at any of our services.



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Note: For Judaica, consult a Jewish or Messianic bookstore.